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"The entrance of thy words giveth light (Psalm 119:130)."

When Satan Attacks

"When the Devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came (Luke 4:13 NLT)."

"When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Him (Jesus) until an opportune time (Luke 4:13 NASB)."

In the mental health field, when a client tells his secular therapist that he has experienced anxiety or depression, he is often asked what happened prior to the onset of these symptoms.

This can be helpful. Sometimes the client may have been worrying, thinking about negatives, dwelling on people who have wronged him etc.

By focusing on the sequence of events, the therapist seeks to get the client to alter his thinking and behavior such as to reduce these symptoms in the future. There is some benefit in doing this.

Unfortunately, the fruit of such therapy tends to be modest—especially over the long term.

That's because there's one factor that secular therapists never take into account: That there really is a Devil. That there really are demons. And that whenever a spiritual foothold exists, demons can create emotional distress and/or depression at times of their choosing.

I remember one client told me that, on one occasion, he became depressed at work at a time when he really needed to be at his best. This was no coincidence.

When I worked at a residential crisis center, clients generally started hearing voices telling them bad things about themselves at times when they were already stressed. And why not? If you were a demon, would you attack your enemy when he was relatively strong or when he was the most vulnerable?

Recognize that we are in a spiritual warfare. Demons gain advantage as a result of the abuse we have suffered and the sin that we tolerate in our lives. Especially our thinking.

Whatever power the Devil does have, he will use it when he thinks it will do the most harm. He will attack us at the most opportune time.


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