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"The entrance of thy words giveth light (Psalm 119:130)."

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People experience unbelievable suffering and lose years of their lives due to mental illness. Almost all of this suffering can be reduced or eliminated simply by applying Scripture to the challenges we all face.

Governments spend billions of dollars every year on mental health treatments that simply do not work. But God reveals the truth about what is really going on in His word, the Bible.

It is my hope that the information provided in this website has made a positive contribution to your life. If it did, please help out and support this website.

You can easily help out without spending a penny.

Whenever you shop at Amazon, just go to this website first, click on one of the Amazon ads, and then do your shopping as usual. The prices you pay are the same, but I will earn a small commission each time you make a purchase.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Jim Serio

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